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headshot of Olivia Davis

Olivia Davis '17

Merrimack, NH
Complementary Minor

Logistics coordinator at NBC Sports Group

February 2018, which saw both the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics take place, was a big month on the 2018 sports calendar. Attending just one of those events would be an experience of a lifetime. Olivia Davis '17, a logistics coordinator for the NBC Sports Group, was at both – and made sure the rest of us at home could follow the action.

In her position as a logistics coordinator for the NBC Sports Group, Davis, as an International Business major who concentrated in Global Supply Chain Management, is responsible for ensuring that technical production equipment arrives at the events on schedule. "This includes temporary importing and exporting knowledge and classification, planning to meet deadlines, and being prepared for all of the surprises and challenges that can appear in the logistics industry," she says.

Her four years at Bryant helped make sure she was ready for all of that. "Bryant helped me develop the confidence to seek out new challenges like traveling and discovering cultures, languages, and concepts," she says. "The IB program encouraged me to further explore my passions, which ultimately led me to landing my dream job and gave me the opportunity to continue challenging myself through my career."

The globally-focused IB curriculum aided Davis in exploring her interest in working abroad. Her semester studying in Shanghai was one of the best experiences of her life. "I recommend it to anyone," she says.

Davis also gained first-hand experience in her field during her time at Bryant. For her supply chain practicum, Davis worked with Hasbro to analyze container data reports, HTS codes, free trade agreements, and safety regulations for six countries. Working from the Hasbro data and their own research, Davis and her practicum team found a way to save the company more than $12 million. 

"That hands-on experience has helped me so much in my career," she says. "I was able to tie in international business with global supply chain management, all while working with Bryant alumni. When I talk to my friends from other schools, I realize they didn't have anything like we did at Bryant."

As a student at Bryant, Davis was among the many women on campus who mentor first- and second-year students. "IB's an incredible program and I didn’t want them to miss any opportunities," she says.

Real World Experience

Study Abroad

- Davis spent a semester abroad in Shanghai. "It was one of the best experiences of my life. I recommend it to anyone."


- International Business major to first- and second-year IB students

Academic Competitions

- She and her team won first place in Bryant University's Senior Practicum Global Supply Management Competition.

Olivia 's Connected Community

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