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Lindsey Lerner

Lindsey Lerner '15

Warwick, RI
Complementary Minor
  • Business Administration

A love of the arts found a solid foundation in business, leading to a career helping others express themselves.

"I am a firm believer that art is a business, and business is an art – and that you definitely need both," says Lindsey Lerner '15. "There's really a sweet spot between the two and the best of the best companies, and the best of the best organizations, toe that line."

At Bryant, Lerner found mentors in professors like Alexander Perullo and Ronald Washburn, who not only offered innovative coursework but vocational advice as well. A directed study project, Anthropology of the Music Industry, helped her to find her calling aiding artists and musicians, as well as the grounding to understand and navigate their world.

During her semester abroad in Chile, Lerner met another U.S. student, and they began to collaborate on Do Your Dance, a movement to encourage young artists to discover and pursue their passion.

Today, Lerner is the founder of Level Exchange, a content creation studio and publishing company dedicated to solving issues faced by local artists and content creators in small markets. She also consults for and advises musical artists and entertainment companies.

"When I combined my anthropology studies with the culture of business that I had learned from Bryant, it really started to make sense," says Lerner.

She's returned to Bryant several times, both to serve as a mentor for the IDEA design thinking program and to share her experience with students. "That's something that I've been passionate about," she says, "because if it weren't for the professors and the faculty in the College of Arts and Science, I don't think I would be doing what I'm doing now."

"I tell the students to do something that actually makes them happy, to do what they want to do, not just something that is going to make them money."

Real World Experience

Study Abroad

Studied Latin American Studies at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, the No. 1-ranked private university in Chile

Bulldog Spirit

Developed leadership skills and team values as a member of the Bryant Women’s Rowing team.

Performing Arts

Do Your Dance
• Collaborated with a University of Cincinnati student on a joint entrepreneurial venture that provided opportunities for artists to follow their passion and share their stories


Directed Study, Anthropology of Music
• Under the guidance of a faculty member, conducted an in-depth exploration of the music industry and how it has changed over time

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