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headshot of Drew Phelan '16

Drew Phelan '16

Foxborough, MA
Complementary Minor

Lab experience and a wide range of courses gave an ambitious Biology student the tools she uses a research technician at Massachusetts General Hospital to find new ways to combat tumors.

Helping people has always been important to Drew Phelan ’16. As a Research Technician at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, she investigates new ways to combat tumors, using the skills she developed at Bryant University.

Phelan, an Honors program student who graduated from Bryant in three years, worked with Associate Professor of Science and Technology Christopher Reid, Ph.D., on four research projects at Bryant, including an Honors capstone on antibiotics that was published in a professional journal. Those research projects helped her develop a foundation in science and the research process that would go on to serve her well in MGH’s lab.

There were other benefits to the research as well. “You really come to appreciate other people’s skills and how to work with each other’s strengths,” she says. “And it helps you to understand the breadth of what science is and that there are so many options within it. I think that’s really important for undergrads trying to figure out what they’re going to do next.”

Most importantly, she gained a belief in herself and her work. “That’s what the science program at Bryant gave me beyond anything else, confidence,” she says. “It gave me a group of professors who took me under their wing, who would always listen to my ideas and encourage me.”

In addition to the subject-specific skills she learned in Reid’s lab, Phelan uses a broad range of other talents as a research technician, including the coding abilities she learned from Professor Brian Blais, Ph.D., and the communication experience she gained from her business courses. “We, as researchers, can make great discoveries, but if we can’t share them in a way that makes sense, and makes people care about them, then they’re worthless,” Phelan explains.

“Bryant gave me so many opportunities to travel, to learn, to meet people, to network,” says Phelan, who was recently accepted into medical school and is considering a variety of new options. “I really came to be the person I am there.”

Real World Experience

Honors Program

Honors capstone project on antibiotics was published in a professional journal


Worked with Associate Professor of Science and Technology Christopher Reid, Ph.D., on four research projects, which helped her develop a foundation in science and research that serve her well in MGH's lab.

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