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Danielle Sturgeon '19

Danielle Sturgeon '19

Granby, CT
Complementary Minor

"Management is about helping other people achieve their best success," says this Bryant student who seeks a career in business consulting.

Danielle Sturgeon ’19 already is putting skills acquired as a Management major to good use at the Granby Farmers Market, which she co-founded.

Now in its second year, the market was open every Saturday during the summer. Its mix of local vendors and performances by area bands brought the Granby community together.

Sturgeon, a transfer student, is grateful for the advantage her Bryant education has given her. “My management professor, Chris Ratcliffe, is so knowledgeable in the industry,” she says. “I learned so much from his Management Principles and Practices course, where I worked with a team of other students on a project for Big Brothers, Big Sisters." Learning how the established nonprofit organization managed budgets and volunteers "has helped me run the market," she says. She helps manage up to 10 vendors, coordinates volunteer activities, and monitors overall customer and vendor satisfaction. She also manages the market’s finances and organizes outreach.

Sturgeon built Granby Farmers market from the ground up with her friend, Amanda Zyzdorf. “We did a lot of outreach to the community, talking to the people around us and figuring out what it was that they wanted at the market. We also worked to make connections with local farmers and local vendors,” she says.

“It’s a full-time unpaid job,” says Sturgeon, "but it’s really enjoyable.”

She believes strongly in the work she’s doing to bring her town together through the market. “The unique thing about a farmers market is that it’s a place where people make connections with each other: with the farmers, with the vendors, and with their neighbors.”

“I really like that management is about helping other people achieve their best success,” Sturgeon says. The skills she’s learning are helping her to achieve a larger goal: helping people. “I came to Bryant to be a successful businesswoman,” she says, “but I also wanted to make a difference.”

Real World Experience

Student Ambassador

• Guide tours and provide advice to prospective students


• Treasurer, Bryant Players

Greek Life

• Assistant Vice President of Membership Recruitment of Alpha Omicron Pi


• Founder and manager, Granby (CT) Farmers Market

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