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Bryant Profiles

A Bryant University education inspires students to discover their passion. Find out how in these student, alumni, and faculty profiles.

Caroline Meizen

Caroline Meizen '21

“I want to make the most of my four years of college, and that means challenging myself and exploring.”

Pedro Gamundi headshot

Pedro Gamundi '20

“When I talk to my parents about Bryant ... I tell them that going to school here was the right decision. I tell them how happy I am.”

Emily Katz

Emily Katz '20

“Being able to see things yourself, and do them yourself, is the most important, and best, part of learning.”

Nicole Kim

Nicole Kim '20

“We play for each other, and we win for each other. No matter what happens in the end, we’ll always be there for each other.”

Brooke Merchant

Brooke Merchant '20

“There are so many great resources at Bryant that you can take advantage of and make your own."

Kelci Abernethy '19 at Bryant pool

Kelci Abernethy '19

“At Bryant, everyone here is trying to help each other be the best they can be. ...When someone succeeds, everyone can see, and it’s really motivating.”

Nick Anketell headshot

Nick Anketell '19

At Bryant, "you get the tools and knowledge to start a company. You get what you need to go off and do it on your own.”

Matthew Barnett headshot

Matthew Barnett '19

“Learning is a lifelong thing. You don’t have to just study one thing in college."

Jillian Buckley

Jillian Buckley '19

"I find myself constantly borrowing from all of my classes and intertwining the things I’ve learned from them.”

Katherine Castillo

Katherine Castillo '19

"I don’t know if there is another school that lets you have hands-on consulting experience with an actual company like we do with IB Practicum"

Denny Cosmo

Dennis "Denny" Cosmo '19

"If someone’s looking for opportunities and options, Bryant offers more than any college I’ve ever seen.”

Jillian Donlon

Jillian Donlon '19

Data science "is fun. I can combine my computer and analytical skills with creative thinking in applying any kind of data into usable insights.”

Yuliandra Hendriquez headshot

Yuliandra Hendriquez '19

“I’ve been able to use everything that I’ve learned and make it into something new – and better.”

Stephanie Lherisson

Stephanie Lherisson '19

“I'm really passionate about equality and equity, and I want to help people find common ground."

Vanessa MacMillan

Vanessa MacMillan '19

“We live in such a complex world, and I really want to understand it as best I can and work toward better outcomes in the future.”

Savanah Miles

Savanah Miles '19

“I wanted to go big. I wanted to do amazing internships. I wanted to study overseas and I wanted to get the full picture of all the opportunities that were open to me. ... Bryant helped me do that.”

Thobani Nxumalo headshot

Thobani Nxumalo '19

“Coming to Bryant is a great opportunity to step out of the bubble that you’re in now."

Marlee O'Keefe

Marlee O'Keefe '19

“I like entrepreneurship because it covers a bit of everything. Wherever my path leads, whether I open my own business or reinvent existing ones, I’ll have a background in it.”

Chelsea Parkes

Chelsea Parkes '19

“The professors here have real backgrounds in their field and can bring real-world applications into the classroom.”

Lauren Rochefort

Lauren Rochefort '19

“I want to be part of something bigger in science. I want to be able to contribute to the body of knowledge and use it to help others."

Samantha Sainvil

Samantha Sainvil '19

“If you’re looking for a school that helps you, and that pushes you to be the best you can be, this is where you should come.”

Headshot of Kirstyn Sperry

Kirstyn Sperry '19

“One of the things that I love about Bryant is the relationships you can build with your professors."

Danielle Sturgeon '19 headshot

Danielle Sturgeon '19

 “I came to Bryant to be a successful businesswoman, but I also wanted to make a difference.”

William Tondo

William Tondo '19

"Bryant offers you so many opportunities. There's so much to take in."

Ying Wang headshot

Ying Wang '19

“I wake up every day and think how amazing it is that I get the chance to do things that I would have no opportunity to do in traditional Chinese schools."

Jake Zimmer '19

Jake Zimmer '19

“The world needs people who can come up with innovative solutions to problems; Bryant can help you become one of those people.”

Emilio Avalos

Emilio Avalos '18

“Everything today is about big data and analytics. That's where every industry is growing, so I want to understand it.”

Pallak Bhandari at Financial Management Center

Pallak Bhandari '18

Numbers often don’t tell the whole story. “I realized accounting is not just taxes. There's so much more you can do with it."

Ryan Buonaugurio

Ryan Buonaugurio '18

“I didn’t want average. I wanted to go somewhere where I would get first-rate, business-specific knowledge and have really experienced professors.”

Alison Feehan

Alison Feehan '18

Bryant’s powerful alumnae network helped this former President of Bryant’s Honors Program land a dream position at Education First.

Shruti Kansara headshot

Shruti Kansara '18

“I want to help some of the younger students find representatives and role models ... who are similar to them and who come from the same backgrounds.”

Zeynep Kazmaz

Zeynep Kazmaz '18

“Studying history encompasses everything. ... I like the feeling that I’m not limiting myself to a single area of study.”

Lauren Leedberg

Lauren Leedberg '18

"I've had so many mentors during my time at Bryant. Every step of the way I've had incredible advice."

Kevin Ludemann

Kevin Ludemann '18

By studying Spanish and business, "I am getting the most out of my education and engaging both sides of my brain.”

Nina Luiggi

Nina Luiggi '18

“I really liked Bryant’s well-rounded nature … its business and liberal arts education, and how it would give me a flavor of both."

Elizabeth Oluokun

Elizabeth Oluokun '18

“I’ve learned so much about myself and grown so much as an individual. The things I’m doing at Bryant are helping me become a better leader.”

Andrew Omer '18

Andrew Omer '18

“I've always known that I wanted to be a banker. I came to school here with big goals, and to set myself up for a great future. Bryant’s helped me achieve both.”

Andrew Pham headshot

Andrew Pham

For a talented Accounting and Applied Analytics student, understanding the big picture includes sharing what he’s learned.

Sarina Resnick

Sarina Resnick '18

“I wanted to take an important issue and look at it in a new way. I tried to make an impact in the research in a way that helps people.”

Jacob Schurch

Jacob Schurch '18

“Everybody has a different style for investing. You have to take the objective knowledge you have and apply it in your own way – and that’s fascinating.”

Samantha Scoca headshot

Samantha Scoca '18

"No matter what your major is, you’ll learn leadership skills. ... I’ve even crafted my own leadership vision in my Women in Leadership class."

Amber Thomas

Amber Thomas '18

"I've always been interested in psychology and the way the brain works. That's why I want to pursue neuropsychology—it's a perfect blend of both these interests."

Alexander Bronk

Alexander Bronk '17

At the end of a day of job shadowing at Textron, "I was offered a summer internship,” which was instrumental in obtaining a full-time position after graduation.

Jessica Fleet

Jessica Fleet '17

“I loved the idea of pairing my Politics and Law concentration with a business minor, but the primary reason I chose Bryant is because of its small, tight-knit community."

William Kelley

William Kelley '17

“Actuarial Math isn’t even a program at most colleges, but Bryant has a really fantastic one."

Tara Long

Tara Long '17

“I’m more driven now. I’ve gained a lot of confidence and I’m much more aware of how business operates internationally.”



Vimbainashe Masiyiwa '17

Vimbainashe Masiyiwa '17

“Africa doesn’t lack the skill; all it needs is opportunities and people who can drive innovation to create something beneficial, sustainable and practical.”

Ashley Nesmith

Ashley Nesmith '17

"My work with the Ronald McDonald House brought together both the business side of my studies with the sociology side."

Matthew Orsi

Matthew Orsi '17

"My data mining class was fascinating. It was immensely helpful in learning what, really, the future is going to be about."

George Ossei

George Ossei '17

The business reputation. Meeting successful alumni. Learning about the companies that recruit at Bryant: "All of those things ... really drew me in."

Shaina Ostrov

Shaina Ostrov '17

“I started learning more about supply chain and I absolutely loved it. ... Bryant does a great job bringing the real world into the classroom."

Liam Rice

Liam Rice '17

"I'm an arts crusader. It's probably what I'm talking about 90 percent of the time.”

Gabrielle Rinaldi

Gabrielle Rinaldi '17

"Accountants ... have to understand multiple industries and be able to build relationships with their clients. You can't be an accountant if you don't know how to talk to people."

Michelle Sangeloty

Michelle Sangeloty '17

“No matter what industry you work in you have to remember that it’s run by people – people who want to work in an environment where they feel safe and productive and happy."

Joshua Velez

Joshua Velez '17

“You’re touching everything here. There are marketing classes, finance classes, legal classes, accounting classes. ... Once I saw those class requirements, that was the major for me.”

Tiffany Venmahavong

Tiffany Venmahavong '17

“Bryant has a culture that inspires students to be the best versions of themselves, and that means excelling in everything they do."

John Logan

John Logan '16

"Bryant has taught me so much about taking something you're passionate about and turning it into a career."

Quinn Massaroni

Quinn Massaroni '16

“The integration of business and liberal arts has given me a unique perspective on politics and law."

Victoria Russo '16

Victoria Russo '16

“I knew I wanted to find a niche, an up-and-coming sector of business. I found Global Supply Chain Management and immediately knew that was it.”

Lindsay Lerner

Lindsey Lerner '15

"I am a firm believer that art is a business, and business is an art – and that you definitely need both. There's really a sweet spot between the two."

Joshua Ballance

Joshua Ballance '12

“Without Bryant, I don’t think I would have discovered my passion for economics."

Caitlyn Witkowski

Caitlyn Witkowski '11, '14 MSGES

“At Bryant, students in the science department work on real projects right off the bat. ...Their findings can be presented at conferences, published, and have true meaning in a scientific community.”

Beth Costello

Beth Costello '89

Name a leadership role in accounting or finance and Bombara has done it all. She has been a manager or partner at two of the nation's premiere public accounting firms.

Kerry Benson

Kerry Benson '87

Benson has forged an exceptional career in the world of advertising. For more than a decade she has been a leader at Hill Holliday, the 13th largest advertising agency in the U.S.

Cynthia Cody

Cynthia (Paul) Cody '84

“Integrity is critical to your personal brand and at the end of the day, that’s all you’ve got.”

Diane Kazarian

Diane Kazarian '83

Kazarian is senior partner and the national financial services leader for PwC Canada, a job that includes banking and capital markets, insurance, asset management, private equity, and real estate businesses of the firm.

Joseph Puishys

Joseph F. Puishys '80

The chief executive officer of Apogee Enterprises, Inc., a world leader in technologies related to the use of glass, takes an empathetic approach to leadership.

Headshot Rita Williams-Bogar

Rita Williams-Bogar '76

“When I walked away from my corporate career to start my own business, I distinctly remember thinking – ‘I’m a Bryant grad! I can do whatever I want to do.’"

Sharmin Attaran

Sharmin Attaran, Ph.D.

“It’s great to see their confidence grow as they start posting on a company’s behalf to Facebook, etc. That’s when the true stars come out.”

Kristen Berkos

Kristen Berkos, Ph.D.

“Communication plays an essential role in management and the workplace. From a company’s mission statement down to the hiring process, communication is critical to good leadership.”

Jeffrey Cabusao, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao, Ph.D.

“One of our tasks as educators is to challenge [students], encourage them and nurture them so that they graduate as individuals ready to do something positive.”

Lori Coakley

Lori Coakley, Ph.D.

“I get caught up in my heartfelt desire to make a difference. There’s no better occupation for knowing my grander purpose than teaching.”

Charles Cullinan

Charles Cullinan, Ph.D.

“I thought accounting would be a solid job, but it has also turned out to be a fascinating subject. It’s all about getting the information you need to make good decisions in business."

Lookman Buky Folami

Lookman Buky Folami, Ph.D.

“Consulting keeps me grounded in the classroom. It gives me ... those real examples of ‘here’s how you do it’ and ‘here’s why it matters.’”

Kirsten Hokeness

Kirsten Hokeness, Ph.D.

Bryant's science students have "the distinctive experience of very small classes and one-on-one-opportunities to do research with faculty."

Martha Kuhlman

Martha Kuhlman, Ph.D.

“My favorite part of teaching is getting students to discover things about themselves that they didn't know, and witnessing those a-ha moments."

Eileen Kwesiga

Eileen Kwesiga, Ph.D.

"I’ve chosen this career … to ensure that the next generation succeeds not only as great businesspeople but as individuals who care about the environment and other people. That’s the [obligation] of… good teachers and good role models.” 

Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch, J.D., M.S.t., C.P.A.

"When faculty combine liberal arts and business, it’s like being Socrates in the morning, and Steve Jobs in the afternoon."

Jane McKay-Nesbitt

Jane McKay-Nesbitt, Ph.D.

“I tell my students, ‘Your education is a gift; gifts are given to us not for our own benefit but for the benefit of others.'"

Dan McNally

Dan McNally, Ph.D.

“I love what I do because we have major environmental problems out there, and my students and I can be part of finding solutions.”

Prof. Mentzer headshot

Kevin Mentzer '91, Ph.D.

“My job is to prepare you to handle whatever tool is thrown at you, while acknowledging that you will have no experience with that tool.”

Peter Nigro

Peter Nigro, Ph.D.

Professor Nigro's teaching principles: no lectures, no textbooks, no raising of hands. “In my class ... it’s a dialogue. I am known as a hard teacher. You come to class prepared.”

Alan Olinsky

Alan Olinsky, Ph.D.

Professor Olinsky, "a truly innovative leader in his field,” pioneered Bryant’s partnership with SAS, the analytics industry powerhouse. 

Michael Roberto

Michael Roberto, D.B.A.

Energy, engagement, and passion are hallmarks of Professor Roberto's award-winning teaching style. “I have a lot of enthusiasm and hope it’s contagious."

Edinaldo Tebaldi

Edinaldo Tebaldi, Ph.D.

“I use real-world examples to highlight what we are talking about and to illustrate not only what faculty are doing, but also to show what’s going on outside our windows.”

Jack Trifts

Jack Trifts, Ph.D.

“The heart of a great education, and a Bryant education, is a close and active relationship between students and faculty, with faculty lecturing less and coaching more."

Headshot of Prof. Trunzo

Joe Trunzo, Ph.D.

Helping people lead better lives "is always on my mind, whether it’s in the classroom or a therapy session. Learning about psychology can help, no matter what one’s goals are.”

 John Visich

John Visich, Ph.D.

“Supply chain management requires a systems approach. You need to know finance, accounting, marketing, sales, operations, information technology.”

Srdan Zdravkovic

Srdan Zdravkovic, Ph.D.

An awareness of constant change informs his teaching. “Trying new things isn’t an option. It’s a must.”