Bryant Value

A Bryant education offers a nationally recognized return on your investment. When your hard work is reinforced by our supportive community, incredible things can happen.

Our Success is No Secret

Every year, we earn consistently high ratings from publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Princeton Review, and The Economist. Our devotion to outcomes creates a focused, energetic environment where ideas turn into results.


Over the past few years, we have earned accolades such as:

What yields these high rankings? For starters, every single class at Bryant is taught by a professor, not a teaching assistant. We keep our class sizes small so you can benefit  from mentoring and collaboration with internationally recognized experts. 

What’s more, our emphasis on a globally relevant education encourages nearly half the student body to study abroad. Much like our innovative Gateway program for first-year students, our Sophomore International Experience gives you a taste of foreign immersion. In today’s global job market, this kind of opportunity gives you a marked advantage.

The Power of Business + Liberal Arts

Preparation pays off: Our unique balance between business and the liberal arts boosts careers. We’ve received high marks from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard for post-graduation salary, whether right after graduation or mid-career. 

At Bryant, you’ll complete a major and a minor—one in the liberal arts, one in business. We see tremendous strength in the intersections between the world of business and finance and the arts and sciences, and our graduates prove it again and again.

Internships & Career Planning

Our career services are so thorough, the Princeton Review recognized them in 2017 as among the top in the nation.

91 percent of Bryant students complete an internship, and our established partnerships include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and international nonprofits. 

We can set you up with an internship, help you choose a major and connect you with our vast network of more than 50,000 active alumni.