Zeynep Kazmaz - 460x460

Zeynep Kazmaz '18


Istanbul, Turkey

Major History
Complementary Minor SpanishHuman Resource Management

A curatorial internship at the famed Guggenheim Museum leading to a career in the arts.

History major Zeynep Kazmaz ’18, an Honors Program member from Istanbul, Turkey, spent the summer before her junior year in New York City interning at the celebrated Guggenheim Museum.

As a member of the Curatorial Department, she focused on the UBS Map Global Art Initiative, a project that brings regional exhibitions to the museum, assisting with elements highlighting South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and, most recently, the Middle East and North Africa. She also conducted research and prepared documents for each exhibition.

Kazmaz competed for the internship against art history majors from larger schools, but her passion for The Guggenheim – and the study of history – came through in her application letter, she believes. Since 2015, she has served as a research assistant to Bryant Professor Judy Barrett Litoff, Ph.D., a world-renowned historian and author of 14 books; during summers in Istanbul, she interned at Koc University Press, the SALT Institution Museum, and Inkilap Publishing House.

When Zeynep chose to attend Bryant, she had difficulty deciding what she wanted to study because she wanted to learn about everything. “Studying history encompasses everything – from the literature of an era to the math,” she says. “I like the feeling that I’m not limiting myself to a single area of study.”

Zeynep also appreciates the advantages to studying at Bryant. “With small class sizes, History majors have more opportunities,” she says. “All the faculty keep you in mind and let you know when these arise. Plus, if you ask for help, there is not one who isn’t willing to give it to you.”

Zeynep's experience at the Guggenheim and Bryant led to her being accepted into University College London, where she will pursue a Master's Degree in Art History.

Real World Experience


Curatorial Intern, Guggenheim Museum
• Participated in design and prep meetings for the exhibition “A Storm is Blowing from Paradise”


Research Assistant, Bryant University History Department
• Worked as archivist in Dr. Judy Barrett Litoff’s World War II Letters Archive

Resident Assistant

Worked to sustain a positive residential environment on campus


Volunteer, Circle Up Bryant
• Raised money for camps for children who are grieving the loss of a parent

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