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Sarina Resnick '18


Scituate, RI

Complementary Minor Economics

Looking at all the different angles helped a curious student put the pieces together

To truly understand something, Sarina Resnick ’18 explains, you have to be able to see it from a variety of angles. “It's like looking at a cube,” she notes. “There are a lot of different sides, but it’s all the same cube.”

“I like learning about the different perspectives of different subjects,” says Resnick. “All of the different facets that a subject can have are fascinating.”

At Bryant, Resnick parlayed her curiosity into a diverse course of study incorporating subjects like marketing, information systems and analytics, and philosophy. A driven student, her penchant for exploring new ideas was nurtured by programs and professors that encouraged her to ask big questions to find new answers.

A robotics class with Professor Brian Blais, Ph.D., for instance, introduced her to Bryant’s Information Systems and Analytics program, where she learned about everything from coding to cybersecurity to the policy issues that affect the information technologies field. “Bryant’s ISA program is so diverse in the topics that it teaches,” says Resnick, who is now working as a software engineer at the cybersecurity firm Compass IT. “I’ve developed an understanding of so many different areas.”

In one of her favorite classes, "Trends in Modern Thought," Resnick examined the themes, ideologies and values that have shaped civilization, a subject she believes everyone can benefit from studying. “It really helped me understand why people think the way they do and how that affects larger issues,” she says.

The class served as a springboard for perhaps the biggest, and most important, project she undertook at Bryant. For her Honors thesis, Resnick, aided by her advisor Professor Gregg Carter, Ph.D., investigated mass shootings in America and the role that factors such as racism and white supremacy ideology play in their severity. “I wanted to take an important issue and look at it in a new way,” she says. “I tried to make an impact in the research in a way that helps people.”

Resnick strives to make a difference in other ways as well. As President of Bryant’s Gamers Club, a member of several of the University’s performance groups, and the founder of the Bryant Philosophers, she worked to create spaces that encourage community and the sharing of ideas. “It’s important to me to be part of, and help build, communities that people are comfortable in,” she says.

Real World Experience


Compass IT Compliance
• Maintained and updated databases, worked with marketing and development teams, used VBA coding for specific software and media products, designed marketing and advertising campaigns, and conducted research for CRMs.

• Performed accounting work, helped the company adapt to Sarbanes-Oxley standards after becoming a publicly traded company, updated inventory database, and created database updates for better effectiveness

Honors Program

Honors Thesis: The Variables Predicting the Severity of a Mass Shooting: The Connection to White Supremacy
• Examined the variables that affect the severity of mass shootings in America, including the role of racism and white supremacy ideology


Founder, Bryant Philosophers
• Worked with professor to develop a club that discussed important modern social, political, and controversial topics while providing an unbiased environment to voice opinions and the reasoning behind them.

President, Bryant Gamers Association
• Managed and organized Bryant’s gaming club and developed marketing strategies to increase membership

Bryant Dragon Dance Team
• Learned traditional Chinese performance art
• Performed at schools, Chinese New Year celebrations, Waterfire in Providence, and at other events
• Taught techniques and strategies to children and students from other schools, including Bryant University's sister school in Zhuhai, China

Honor Societies

Pi Sigma Epsilon, Zeta Rho Chapter (Business and Marketing Fraternity)
• Developed business and marketing skillsets, made connections, and gained experience in the business world
• Assisted with hosting events such as fundraisers, sales competitions, and marketing challenges

Study Abroad

Sophomore International Experience
• Traveled to China to study the country’s culture and business practices

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

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