Pedro Gamundi - 460x460

Pedro Gamundi '20


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Complementary Minor Legal Studies

Building academic credentials that will one day help him start his own business.

Every time Pedro Gamundi ’20 returns to his native Dominican Republic, it’s hard for him to stop boasting about his decision to come to Bryant.

“When I talk to my parents about Bryant, I tell them it’s an incredible place filled with learning and fun things to do,” he says. “I tell them that going to school here was the right decision. I tell them how happy I am.”

It didn’t take long for Gamundi to realize Bryant was the school for him.

“When I first visited Bryant, President Machtley told us about all the great things I could do and learn here,” he says. “After just one year, I can say it’s all come true”

Gamundi, a management major from Santo Domingo, learned about Bryant while in high school. His first visit, during a campus open house, sealed his decision.

“I really liked the campus. It didn’t seem too small or too big,” he says. “I also noticed the demeanor of the people. When I went into the Fisher Student Center, the students all seemed happy and wanted to talk to me. It made a huge impression.”

Gamundi wanted to study abroad for college because he wanted to stand out from his peers. Bryant's academic reputation is helping him achieve that goal.

“It was really all about competitive differentiation,” he says. “I want to be noticed in the job market." With the credentials he's building as a student "I  can see myself growing as a person.”

Already, his studies have given him an understanding of liabilities and risks each type of company faces, as well as the importance of marketing and understanding consumers' tastes and preferences. Such knowledge will serve him well this summer during his internship with Scadom, which specializes in the industrial and commercial vehicle market.

Real World Experience


Vehiculos Comerciales Scadom
- As Lead Engineer Intern, responsible for developing a quantitative method to determine the optimal way to restock inventories for spare parts

Academic Competitions

Principles of Economics Competition
- Member of the winning team

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

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