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Matthew Orsi '17


Norton, MA

Complementary Minor Finance

Diverse courses in analysis, honed by experience, helped develop an ability to build little details into the big picture.

Matthew Orsi '17 knows that his Bryant education in Applied Mathematics and Statistics puts him in high demand. "There will always be a need for people who can use mathematics to address, and solve, real-world problems," he notes.

Over the course of his four years at the University, Orsi acquired the skills to do just that, honing the tools of his trade, learning to program in languages like SQL and Python, and discovering new and exciting methodologies. He particularly enjoyed his Applied Data Mining class, which teaches students how to derive competitive insight and strategic opportunities from large data sets – a new field that is quickly growing.

"My data mining class was fascinating," Orsi says. "It was immensely helpful in learning what, really, the future is going to be about."

He also values the classes he took as an American Studies concentrator, which he believes helped him become a better analyst. "I could have worked exclusively in numerical-heavy fields but I don't think that would have helped me as much in the long term," he says. "Taking courses in subjects like politics and history let me develop my communication and analysis skills."

That invaluable combination of data analysis, programming and communication abilities helped Orsi secure high-level internships at a number of prestigious companies, including Hasbro. An Advanced Analytics internship there led to a job as a Data Solutions Analyst, where he oversees social media brand tracking and analytics.

Orsi credits his Bryant education with helping make that possible. "My time at Bryant was great," he says. "I learned a lot of soft skills and some great hard skills. I've met so many excellent professors, and built a nice network of friends.

"It's amazing how much I got out of going to school there," Orsi says.

Real World Experience

Honors Program

Used Microsoft Excel to simulate playoff scenarios for NCAA baseball, NBA, and MLB, and study how playoff series length affected outcomes

Resident Assistant

Head Resident Assistant
• Managed a staff of 15 Resident Assistants, received training in leadership styles and effective communication

Campus Media

Sports Commentator, WJMF Radio
• Lead play-by-play commentator for football and men’s and women’s basketball


Applied Mathematics and Statistics Capstone: What Did He Just Throw? A Pythonic Approach to Pitch Classification
• Used the Python programming language to classify pitches using MLB Statcast data, achieving a high level of success


Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, actuarial intern
• Designed and implemented rating tools using Microsoft Excel and used SAS Enterprise Guide and SQL coding to analyze healthcare and insurance data

McKinsey & Company, market research Intern
• Conducted market research and analysis to develop a synthesized market perspective for the cranberry and strawberry industries

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

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