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Joe Trunzo, Ph.D.

Professor Joe Trunzo, Ph.D., is always looking to help people lead better lives. “That purpose is always on my mind," he says, "whether it’s in the classroom or a therapy session—and I think learning about psychology can help, no matter what one’s goals are in life.”

A practicing clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience in a range of behavioral health settings, Trunzo teaches a wide variety of courses in psychology, from "Health Psychology" to "Physiological Psychology" to "Abnormal Psychology." He often uses case examples from his career as a therapist and researcher to bring textbook material to life.

Energized by his passion for psychology and teaching, Trunzo focuses on student application. “I want them to be able to use the information they learn—whether that’s in their job in or in their lives.” And he encourages students to use office hours, whether they have questions about careers or coursework. “I had fantastic relationships with my undergraduate professors. It’s important to me to try and provide that for my students,” he says.

Trunzo mentors and engages many of his students through research, in student capstone projects, research internships, and more. He’s even had students help him with his own work: His most recent research is focused on the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with patients living with Lyme disease, which adds to his body of work investigating behavioral health in chronic illness. He’s also the chair of the Health Care section of the Mentor Match Program, where he offers mentorship to students interested in the health care field across disciplines.

On what makes Bryant different, he says, “Faculty are able to spend a lot of time with students who really want to engage in a mentorship relationship—and we thrive on that. As a university, it's one of our biggest strengths. It’s really about connecting with the students, and helping them to find their direction and passion.”

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