George Ossei - 460x460

George Ossei '17


Accra, Ghana

Major Economics
Complementary Minor Finance

Now in graduate school with plans to become an analyst and hopes to make partner at an accounting firm or become a CFO.

George Ossei transferred to Bryant because he wanted an edge. He had done very well in his studies elsewhere, but knew he needed something more to achieve the success he aimed for.

“The business reputation, meeting the students who had come here and had become successful, learning about the internships they had gotten and the kind of companies which recruit from here, all of those things about Bryant really drew me in,” he says.

“I told myself ‘OK. I need to go there.’”

As an Economics major concentrating in Industrial Economy and Market Regulation, Ossei studied how markets operate and are affected by factors like inner- and intra-competitiveness, management-labor relations, and government regulation. An interdisciplinary program, the concentration mixes a variety of areas of study, which Ossei welcomed.

Professor Joe Shaanan’s economics lessons taught Ossei how the big picture works; Professor Jack Trifts' finance course taught him how to handle the details. “I like the mix of courses,” Ossei says. “It gives you both the practical and theoretical aspects you need.”

For his senior project, Ossei studied the correlation between living conditions and economic freedom. He presented his findings at Bryant’s Research and Engagement Day, a symposium highlighting the academic and creative accomplishments of students and faculty.

Ossei graduated from Bryant with honors and is pursuing a Masters in Accounting and an MBA at Northeastern University. He then plans to start a career as an analyst and hopes to one day make partner in an accounting firm or become a CFO.

He knows that he’s prepared to succeed, and that he made the right choice coming to Bryant. "If you want to do something in the business field, this is definitely the first and only place you should consider,” he says. “The opportunities here are endless."

Real World Experience


PWC-USA, Inbound Business Services Intern
• Worked with 11 multinational US Inbound Tax, Assurance and Advisory Leaders, analyzed complex financial statements.

Providential Partners LLC (John Hancock Financial Services), Financial Advisor Intern
• Executed account processes, financial asset transfers & liquidation on behalf of clients; complied legacy wealth reports using the official John Hancock Financial Services client database


College Leadership Rhode Island
• Explored careers in the nonprofit, public and private sectors through experiential learning and direct access to community and industry leaders

Academic Organizations

Bryant Student Economics Association
• Learned about Economics topics and opportunities through events and lectures while networking with other Bryant Economics students


Commuter Hub
• Engaged with other commuter students to foster a supportive environment, raised funds for various humanitarian organizations

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

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