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Emilio Avalos '18


Quito, Ecuador


Innovative courses and nurturing mentors aided a student researcher’s exploration of complex issues

Emilio Avalos ’18 remembers the advice his sister gave him when he came to study at Bryant University. “She told me to push myself,” he says. “She told me to try to be the best I can.” Avalos has taken those words to heart. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned here is that you should always be learning,” he says. “There's never going to be a point where you can say ‘oh, yeah. I know this. I'll stop looking into it. I’ll stop exploring.’

“There's always going to be some change, some innovation, something that's going to keep you interested,” says Avalos.

A member of the University’s Honors program, Avalos was especially taken with his Econometrics class with Professor Edinaldo Tebaldi, Ph.D., where he learned to apply statistical methods to large amounts of data in order to understand how all of the different facets interact. “I really liked the idea of gathering a lot of data and then being able to run it through a model to make sense of it and get results.”

“Everything today is about big data and analytics,” Avalos explains. “That's where every industry is growing, so I want to understand it.”

The work he did in his Econometrics class inspired him to pursue a big project of his own. For his Honors thesis, Avalos, a tutor with Bryant’s Academic Center for Excellence, studied the factors that affect undergraduate academic performance, including study time, alcohol consumption, and how they did in high school. His research, he hopes, will help students understand how to maximize their learning experience and build better careers and futures.

Avalos credits his professors, such as his thesis advisor Professor Jongsung Kim, Ph.D., and Professor Laurie Bates, Ph.D., with helping him prepare for a future where he’s ready to excel. “The professors here know how to connect with you, and guide you through the material,” says Avalos, who graduated a semester early and aspires to one day combat poverty and inequity as part of a multinational organization. “They won’t do the work for you and they won’t take you by the hand: They like you to come up with ideas yourself. Then they'll help you figure out the steps you should take in order to realize them.”

Real World Experience


Honors Thesis: Academic Performance of Undergraduate Students at Bryant University
• Studied the factors that affect undergraduate academic performance, including study time, alcohol consumption, and academic performance in high school

Econometrics Project
• Examined the causal relationships involved in participation in the U.S. food stamp program, using census data and multiple regression analysis

Academic Organizations

Finance Association
• Networked with finance professionals, and learned about topics related to the finance industry


Multicultural Student Union
• Engaged in events and conversations that celebrate the diverse upbringings of Bryant students population and educate the campus community on cultural topics


Hockey Club
• Practiced with the University’s Club team

Soccer Club
• Practiced with the University’s Club team


Management Principle and Practices Service Learning Project
• Aided the Veterans’ Business Outreach Center in launching their National Veterans’ Small Business Week kickoff event, including managing logistics and presenting at a breakout session

Treasurer, ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America)
• Developed and managed annual events and budgets, coordinated the organization’s expenditures


Tutor, Academic Center for Excellence
• Provided tutoring in Finance and Economics, helped students enhance their study techniques

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

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