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Elizabeth Oluokun '18


Framingham, MA


On-campus engagement and working with faculty mentors are helping a passionate communicator build a track record of leadership.

Elizabeth Oluokun '18 likes to make big plans and to help others. A proven leader on campus, Oluokun brings that drive to endeavors ranging from helping first-year students find their footing, to organizing shows, to social justice.

“I like being involved in a lot of things,” she says. “I’ve learned so much about myself and grown so much as an individual. The things I’m doing at Bryant are helping me become a better leader.”

On her first visit to Bryant, Oluokun quickly came to realize that the University could prepare her to make a difference. “I remember attending Bryant’s Scholarship Dinner" for incoming students,” she says, “The people who sat with me at the dinner knew what they wanted to do and how to get there. I wanted that to be me.”

Oluokun found a mentor in Susan Baran, with whom she’s taken several classes, including Mass Communications, which helped Oluokun understand the modern media industry and the factors that have shaped it, and Media Literacy.

“Professor Baran is amazing,” says Oluokun. “She helps me take my passion and figure out how to make it into a career.” Oluokun realized that she also had a knack for managing projects and leading others. “I like being able to plan things and I like being able to take the high-level view,” she says. She uses her management skills to support the Bryant community by leading events like the Rally for a Reason and serving as Orientation Leader Head Coordinator.

“I have a great group of friends here,” she says. “If you’re looking for a family who will always support you, Bryant University is the place for you.”

Real World Experience

Resident Assistant

• Mentored 50 students, facilitating monthly programs about business, social, and academic development


Change Facilitator, Linked Through Leadership
• Planned and executed a 5-day service and social justice program for Bryant peers that opened conversations about privilege, identity, self-awareness and ways to work toward social change

Performing Arts

Vice President, Advanced Evolution Dance Team
• Collaborated to foster team dynamics, helped develop choreography

Student Ambassador

• Guided prospective students and their families around the Bryant campus


Vice President, Internal Affairs, International Student Organization
• Guided the ISO in its mission to promote cultural awareness and a cooperative spirit within the Bryant community and the world

Co-organizer, Rally for a Reason
• Planned and executed a rally to celebrate and show support for Bryant’s diverse community

Orientation Leader

Head Coordinator
• Organized Orientation for the Class of 2021 and lead the training of student Orientation Leaders

A Connected Community

Bryant's purposeful student life delivers co-curricular immersion with an inspiring, collegial community. Students forge deep connections that last a lifetime.

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