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Alan Olinsky, Ph.D.

Analytics has emerged as a critical organizational function that is essential in today’s world. Here at Bryant, students gain highly valuable analytics expertise thanks, in large part, to the work of Professor Olinsky.

Olinsky has been called “a truly innovative leader in his field.” He pioneered Bryant’s partnership with SAS, the analytics industry powerhouse. That partnership led to Bryant’s introduction of one of the country’s first undergraduate applied analytics program and the creation of the SAS Joint Certificate in Analytics Program.

These programs are overseen in collaboration with Bryant’s innovative Advanced Applied Analytics Center founded by Olinsky and Richard Glass, professor of computer information systems. The center supports the broadening relationship between analytics and research in pursuit of solutions to real-world problems.

In 2015, SAS honored Olinsky with its Distinguished Professor Award, given to an educator who uses SAS software in teaching and/or research, and supports student usage of the software in an effective way.

Olinsky’s research interests include statistics, management science, and data mining. He has published articles on these topics in professional journals, including the Journal of American Academy of Business, Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, and the European Journal of Operational Research. He is past president of the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Statistical Association and a member of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute.

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