Bryant Profiles

A Bryant University education inspires students to discover their passion. Find out how in these student profiles.
Caroline Meizen - 460x460
Caroline Meizen '21

Asking questions and taking initiative propels a student-athlete with high aims.

Bonsu headshot
Aaron Bonsu '20

As a Politics and Law major, this aspiring policy advisor explores intersections and makes connections to find his unique voice.

Pedro Gamundi - 460x460
Pedro Gamundi '20

Building academic credentials that will one day help him start his own business.

Emily Katz - 460x460
Emily Katz '20

World travel is just the first thing on the itinerary for a globally-minded student.

Nicole Kim - 460x460
Nicole Kim '20

"I know that if you put the time and commitment into something, and have a passion for what you do, then good things will happen."

Brooke Merchant - 460x460
Brooke Merchant '20

Working with faculty mentors and taking on opportunities to succeed in the field of global supply chain management.

Kelci Abernethy - 460x460
Kelci Abernethy '19

Bryant’s close-knit community and this talented athlete’s work ethic keep her rising to the challenge.

Nick Anketell - 460x460
Nick Anketell '19

A young entrepreneur who is "always looking for that next big thing" succeeds in both business and mentoring.

headshot of alexandra aubron
Alexandra Aubron '19

“I knew I wouldn’t just be getting a degree here. ... I was getting the whole experience."

Matthew Barnett - 460x460
Matthew Barnett '19

“Be yourself and you’ll find your community," this innovative entrepreneur tells incoming students.

Jilllian Buckley - 460x460
Jillian Buckley '19

Combining diverse courses of study with a love for the arts is preparing a high-performer to thrive.

Katherine Castillo - 460x460
Katherine Castillo '19

At just 21, she became the youngest student ever admitted into a prestigious Italian graduate program.

Denny Cosmo - 460x460
Dennis "Denny" Cosmo '19

An Army veteran, he hopes to use his Bryant experience to establish a Rhode Island-based social enterprise business.

Jillian Donlon - 460x460
Jillian Donlon '19

Next steps after Hasbro internship: working at a global company or returning to Bryant for grad school.

Gallagher headshot
Mary Cate Gallagher '19

An aspiring physician assistant builds the skills and experience she’ll need to ensure that future patients receive the best care.

Yuliandra Henriquez - 460x460
Yuliandra Henriquez '19

A network of encouraging mentors helped a Human Resources Management major to develop the skills to become a leader.

Stephanie Lherisson - 460x460
Stephanie Lherisson '19

An international student found the support she needed to further her goal of becoming a voice for others.

Vanessa MacMillan - 460x460
Vanessa MacMillan '19

Being a catalyst for other students’ transformations is important to this Politics and Law major who'd like to work in Washington, D.C.

Headshot of Madeline McLaughlin
Madeline McLaughlin '19

Managed more than $1.2 million of real money through the Archway Investment Fund

Savanah Miles - 460x460
Savanah Miles '19

A desire to “go big” leads to a passion for helping others achieve their best.

Navarro headshot
Kayla Navarro '19

“You should come to Bryant if you want to explore what you can achieve, but also to become more comfortable with who you are.”

Thobani Nxumalo - 460x460
Thobani Nxumalo '19

Welcomed by Bryant's purposeful and engaging student life experience, he's now inspired to excel.

Marlee O'Keefe - 460x460
Marlee O'Keefe '19

"Finding the people who are trying to create and spread good in the world is important to me. I want to be part of that."

Chelsea Parkes - 460x460
Chelsea Parkes '19

A rising leader, inspired by her mentors, makes sure everyone's included

Lauren Rochefort - 460x460
Lauren Rochefort '19

Top-level research is helping a skilled biologist earn her place in the scientific community.

Samantha Sainvil - 460x460
Samantha Sainvil '19

Combining diverse ideas and perspective is helping a student to manage a complex world.

Headshot of AMy Solov
Amy Solov '19

A Communication student who wrote her own novel and gave a talk at TedXBryantU

Kirstyn Sperry - 460x460
Kirstyn Sperry '19

A team of friends and mentors helped a talented athlete build a record of success

Danielle Sturgeon - 460x460
Danielle Sturgeon '19

"Management is about helping other people achieve their best success," says this Bryant student who seeks a career in business consulting.

William Tondo - 460x460
William Tondo '19

Leadership opportunities and an innovative atmosphere are teaching a great communicator how to get the word out.

Ying Wang - 460x460
Ying Wang '19

A transfer student from Bryant Zhuhai discovers a campus that now feels like home.

Jake Zimmer - 460x460
Jake Zimmer '19

As a Changemaker Fellow, connecting RI's young entrepreneurs to resources for success.

Emilio Avalos - 460x460
Emilio Avalos '18

Innovative courses and nurturing mentors aided a student researcher’s exploration of complex issues

Pallak Bhandari - 460x460
Pallak Bhandari '18

After graduation, she joins PwC as an Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics associate.

Ryan Buonaugurio - 460x460
Ryan Buonaugurio '18

A fledgling startup takes flight with business acumen and inspiration

Alison Feehan - 460x460
Alison Feehan '18

Bryant’s powerful alumnae network helped this former President of Bryant’s Honors Program land a dream position at an international education company.

Shruti Kansara - 460x460
Shruti Kansara '18

Shruti is combining her passions for problem-solving and traveling into a consulting role.

Zeynep Kazmaz - 460x460
Zeynep Kazmaz '18

A curatorial internship at the famed Guggenheim Museum leading to a career in the arts.

Lauren Leedberg - 460x460
Lauren Leedberg '18

One-to-one faculty-student relationships and career connections taught a student how to lead.

Kevin Ludemann - 460x460
Kevin Ludemann '18

By studying Spanish and business, "I am getting the most out of my education and engaging both sides of my brain.”

Nina Luiggi - 460x460
Nina Luiggi '18

Innovative courses and real-world experience are helping a curious student explore her interests and discover new paths to success.

headshot of Kayla Michaud
Kayla Michaud '18

She found an outlet for her passion for nature through Bryant's Environmental Science program

Elizabeth Oluokon - 460x460
Elizabeth Oluokun '18

On-campus engagement and working with faculty mentors are helping a passionate communicator build a track record of leadership.

Andrew Omer - 460x460
Andrew Omer '18

A dedicated student utilizes a broad range of Bryant resources to build the future he’s always imagined.

Andrew Pham - 460x460
Andrew Pham '18

For a talented Accounting and Applied Analytics student, understanding the big picture includes passing on what he’s learned.

Sarina Resnick - 460x460
Sarina Resnick '18

Looking at all the different angles helped a curious student put the pieces together

Jacob Schurch - 460x460
Jacob Schurch '18

Adding concentrations in Information Systems and Analytics and in Applied Analytics is preparing this finance student for a career on the cutting edge of "fintech."

Samanta Scoca - 460x460
Samantha Scoca '18

Combining interests in advocacy and business into an impressive array of leadership opportunities.

Amber Thomas - 460x460
Amber Thomas '18

Along with her desire to achieve, faculty mentors have helped this student find her passion for neuropsychology.

Alexander Bronk - 460x460
Alexander Bronk '17

Connecting the dots with talented mentors from the Bryant network led to exciting opportunities

Jessica Fleet - 460x460
Jessica Fleet '17

Heading to law school after completing an advanced degree in forensic psychology.

William Kelley - 460x460
William Kelley '17

To become an analyst who knows how to evaluate risk – and understands how data can determine strategy.

Tara Long - 460x460
Tara Long '17

A focus on China, and a global perspective, allowed an international explorer to further broaden her horizons.

headshot of Renee Lucas
Renee Lucas '17

An ambition to drive change led her to study sociology

Vimbainashe Masiyiwa - 460x460
Vimbainashe Masiyiwa '17

Building on skills developed at Bryant and inspired by a "duty to give back to the African continent," she's now pursuing a master's degree at one of Europe's leading business schools.

Ashley Nesmith - 460x460
Ashley Nesmith '17

Opportunities to examine real-life issues and support important causes readied an altruist to make a difference.

Matthew Orsi - 460x460
Matthew Orsi '17

Diverse courses in analysis, honed by experience, helped develop an ability to build little details into the big picture.

George Ossei - 460x460
George Ossei '17

Now in graduate school with plans to become an analyst and hopes to make partner at an accounting firm or become a CFO.

Shaina Ostrov - 460x460
Shaina Ostrov '17

Innovative and exploratory coursework in GSCM and Applied Analytics led to a student discovering her calling – and proved to her that she can make a difference in her field.

Liam Rice - 460x460
Liam Rice '17

A diverse mix of classes and a professor who encouraged new ideas helped a creative student express his vision. Now heading to graduate school.

Gabrielle Rinaldi - 460x460
Gabrielle Rinaldi '17

An education focused on both versatility and in-depth knowledge prepared a student for graduate study and beyond.

Michelle Sangeloty - 460x460
Michelle Sangeloty '17

A well-rounded education and leadership opportunities help realize a calling: to help others reach their full potential.

Joshua Velez - 460x460
Joshua Velez '17

A major in finance complemented with a minor in legal studies prepared this accomplished student for a career in the commercial real estate industry.

Tiffany Venmahavong - 460x460
Tiffany Venmahavong '17

A desire to change the world comes true through the Bryant Scholars program, faculty mentors, and a Fulbright Award.

Beth Costello
Beth (LeMay) Costello ’89

A certified public accountant, she has been a manager or partner at two of the nation’s premiere public accounting firms.

Diane Kazarian
Diane Kazarian, C.P.A. '83

Senior partner and national financial services leader at PwC Canada; previously senior leader at KPMG