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Be a problem-solver

At Bryant you’ll be energized by a culture of innovation that helps take your ideas to the next level and prepares you to contribute at a high level.

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Be a problem solver

Be a problem-solver

You like to create your own path and take action. Risks don’t paralyze you. You’re a forward thinker and active contributor who combines analytical and creative thinking to draw practical connections between ideas. You’re a change agent with the drive to excel. Bryant develops world-ready graduates who are ready to contribute at a high level on day one. Our students are inspired to find solutions and widely recognized as standouts for their ability to integrate information and apply it to real-world challenges.

Combine left and right brains

Combine left and right brain thinking

At Bryant, a deep passion for solving problems is fueled by analytical and integrative thinking that will develop the next great innovators and change makers. Our nationally recognized curriculum crosses traditional academic lines and gives you the best of both worlds: business and the liberal arts. You’ll pick the academic disciplines that interest you the most and select from 168 complementary combinations. Design thinking experiences will challenge you to observe more closely, ideate, test and evaluate your ideas, and then put them into action.

Make a difference

Make a difference

When you graduate, you’ll have the tools and skill set to make a difference for the future. You’ll have a crucial set of traits and abilities: curiosity and creativity, integrative thinking, collaboration, connectivity, as well as perseverance and grit. You’ll know how to integrate theoretical and applied concepts and be ready to make innovative advances in your chosen field, regardless of your major. You’ll be a valued contributor, no matter whether you choose to begin an exciting career or head to grad school.

Be in demand

Be in Demand

Bryant alumni are in high demand, actively contributing as researchers, analysts, and problem-solvers in every sector. Your major/minor combination will give you distinguished credentials and a unique competitive advantage that sets you apart and positions you to achieve success.