Housing and Dining

From first-year residence halls to Fisher Center coffee, we offer an array of housing and dining options to meet most preferences and palates.

On-Campus Housing 

We offer housing for all four years.

Living in the residence halls is an important part of your Bryant experience. Not only are they a place to rest your head, they’re home to a thriving academic and social community. 

Are you a transfer student? Please contact us for more information about transfer student housing.

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First-Year Housing

First-Year HousingTo ease the transition into college life, we place first-year students together. This allows you to meet people with similar interests and form lasting friendships. You’ll also learn how to communicate and resolve conflict more effectively while becoming a more considerate and accountable individual.

Regardless of room type, each first-year student receives the same amenities. You can expect to have:

  • 1 extra-long twin bed

  • 1 desk

  • 1 desk chair

  • 1 bureau

  • Limited closet space to hang items

  • Wireless internet connection

Each first-year residence hall has:

  • Card access building entrance

  • Laundry facility

  • Kitchen or kitchenette

  • Study and social lounge space

  • Community television

The majority of first-years live in traditional residence halls where two students share a double room, though some live in suite style halls.

First-year students are not required to live on campus. However, the proximity of rooms, interconnected corridors and shared common and bathroom spaces maximize your opportunities to meet others and form lasting friendships.

You'll receive housing and roommate-matching forms following payment of your Bryant acceptance deposit. No separate housing deposit is required.

Additional Housing

Additional HousingSophomores and juniors typically live in the Suite Village, where suites of six students share three bedrooms, a living room and bathroom. Suites are a fun way to live with your friends while having more space for studying and relaxing.

Seniors traditionally live in the townhouses. Townhouses are set aside from the rest of campus and come with single and double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen. While meal plans are not required for townhouse residents, they're still available, just contact us to add one. Townhouses provide an exciting and independent experience that prepares you to live on your own after Bryant.


Salmanson Dining HallWe offer meal plans to fit a variety of eating habits and class schedules. All basic plans include meals at Salmanson Dining Hall in the Unistructure. 

While Salmanson is our most central dining location, students remain fed and caffeinated from early morning until late at night all over campus:

  • Unistructure: Near Salmanson, the Cafe in the Rotunda offers coffee, sandwiches and snacks.

  • Fisher Center: Your one-stop shop for Dunkin' Donuts, Subway, Nick's Place and Scoop Convenience Store.

  • Bello Center: Bulldog Bytes Cafe features focaccia pizza, sandwiches, coffee and baked goods.

  • Hall 17: The Junction offers late-night pizza, subs, salads and appetizers.

  • Academic Innovation Center: A cafe offers soups, salads, sandwiches and more.

Meal Plans

Meal PlanMeal plans are designed for students living on campus, with a weekly allotment of 19, 14, 10 or 7 meals during the academic year. You can customize your plan to your lifestyle. All meals are per week and do not roll over; meals not eaten will be forfeited weekly.

All meal plans come with flexible Dining Dollars, with the amount varying depending on how many weekly meals you received in your plan.

You can use your Dollars like an ATM or debit card for beverages, snacks or meals for you and your friends at any time—even outside regular mealtimes—at eateries around campus. Be sure to use up your Dining Dollars, as they expire at the end of each spring semester. You can always purchase more through the Dining Services Office. 

Don't confuse Dining Dollars with Bulldog Bucks. While you can use Bulldog Bucks at the dining halls, they also work at the campus bookstore, post office, vending machines, library copier, Fisher Student Center and residence hall laundry facilities. Bulldog Bucks remain on your card until graduation.

The Office of Residence Life commits to fostering a healthy environment for your intellectual, social and personal growth.

Our Area/Resident Directors are full-time, masters level professionals who live in the area they oversee. They’re responsible for the daily operations in the residence halls.

They supervise our student Resident Assistant (RA) staff, oversee student discipline cases, provide mediation and support services, and oversee social and educational programs offered in the residence halls. They also serve as University officials in case of after-hours emergencies in the residential areas.