Nicholas Cianfaglione

Nicholas Cianfaglione ’21


Madison, CT


Relevant coursework and a powerful group of collaborators helps this entrepreneur as he builds his own success story.

“Being an entrepreneur sometimes means being a one-man band,” notes Entrepreneurship and Legal Studies major Nicholas Cianfaglione ’21. “But it also means knowing that sometimes you can’t do it all by yourself.”  At Bryant, Cianfaglione is building the skills and the network he needs to turn his big ideas into successful realities.

The founder of Artist Republik, a decentralized networking platform that allows independent music artists to manage, market, and book themselves, Cianfaglione wears many hats in his day-to-day business. “I'm handling a lot right now,” he acknowledges, “everything from finance to marketing to sales to customer service.”

His coursework helps him rise to that challenge. “I think I've learned something useful from every single class I've taken at Bryant,” he says. A course in entrepreneurial finance, for instance, has helped him manage his business’s finances and plan for the future. An entrepreneurial marketing course allowed him to work with a real client on their marketing plan, trying out what works in a real-world environment.

He’s also been able to build a powerful group of collaborators. “You can’t be the best at everything, that’s just the way it is,” Cianfaglione notes. “By building an effective network around you, though, you can talk to, and work with, the people who are the best at everything.” He counts Marketing instructor Loring Barnes as one of his biggest supporters and cites Legal Studies Lecturer Ilisabeth Bornstein’s assistance with legal issues as invaluable. He’s also found mentors and advisors among Bryant’s 45,000-strong alumni network.

The president of Bryant Ventures, the University’s student start-up incubator, Cianfaglione brings together student entrepreneurs exploring business opportunities across a wide range of fields to share inspiration and work together on each other’s problems. “It’s a think tank that gets results,” he says, noting how much he enjoys sharing what he’s learned with other young entrepreneurs.

As Artist Republik, which currently works with more than 5,000 artists, continues to grow, Cianfaglione knows he has to grow with it. “You can’t teach someone to be an entrepreneur; the drive to run your own business has to start with you,” he says. “But what I like about Bryant is that they teach you how to take that drive and turn it into success.”

Real World Experience


Founder, Artist Republik
• Oversees and coordinates a digital platform for independent music artists to manage their careers

Founder, Northeastern Entertainment Solutions, LLC
• Coordinates and manages a company devoted to innovating the entertainment scene
• Grew offshoot marketing company NES360 to over 500 clients across a range of fields


President, Bryant Ventures
• Manages the University’s student start-up incubator, including leading meetings, scheduling events, coordinating speakers, and organizing Public Relations efforts

Co-Organizer, TEDxBryantU 2018
• Assisted in overseeing all aspects of Bryant University’s first TEDx event


Intern, Clarity Software Solutions
• Worked in compliance and data privacy for two years

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