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Assistant Professor of Marketing

Kacy Kim, Ph.D.

Always curious, Assistant Professor of Marketing Kacy Kim, Ph.D., explores the cutting edge of her field, studying new frontiers such as big data analytics and developing models to predict the effectiveness of digital marketing. She’s quick to note, however, that marketing is about more than exploiting the newest technologies.

“In marketing,” Kim says, “we try to understand people.”

Marketing is a conversation between marketer and consumer, Kim explains, one that’s become increasingly complex as technology evolves. Her job, she says, is to help students understand how to be part of, and lead, that discussion.

Understanding marketing means comprehending how different areas from economics to communication to analytics interact, which makes it a great field of study for students, Kim notes. “The beauty of marketing is that it combines a little bit of everything,” she says, “and students can explore the different elements according to their interests.”

Her research into new areas, Kim says, helps her to be a better educator.  “As teachers, we are translating theory to application and back again,” she notes. By keeping up with what’s going on in the field, she can see what’s actually happening in the real world and use it to illustrate the bigger picture.

Exploring that intersection of ideas is also one of the reasons she loves working with students. “They provide a new perspective,” Kim says. “I show them the concepts but their experiences, especially with how they use new technology, or new digital platforms, always give me new context, and inspire new ideas and models.”

She also enjoys encouraging students to do research of their own, and guiding them through the process. “A customized research experience is very valuable for students,” Kim states. “It allows them to study in-depth the things that interest them, and they also gain important experience with the research process.”

“I want my students to feel confident,” says Kim, who notes that in a fast-moving field such as marketing they’ll need to adapt and face the unknown throughout their careers. “I want them to be able to look at a challenge and say “I can do this.”


Areas of Interest


Marketing Analytics with Big Data
Digital Marketing
Marketing Communications

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