Transfer Student Admission

Students decide to transfer to Bryant for many different reasons. No matter your path, we are pleased that it has brought you here.

In a perfect world, the first decision you made about which undergraduate school to attend would have been your last, leading to a successful and happy four years.

But, that isn't always what happens. Maybe you’re graduating from a community college, choosing a different academic path, or seeking a college that’s a better fit for you.

We’re experienced with all these scenarios and more at Bryant, where one in every seven students is a transfer. Our energizing campus offers an exceptional education that combines theoretical and hands-on knowledge with a global perspective, innovation and creativity, and character and leadership development.

In our student-centered learning environment, we hope you’ll thrive.

Transfer applicants may apply for admission for the fall and spring semesters. We expect you to have obtained sufficient academic preparation for the Bryant curriculum through a combination of accredited secondary school and college coursework.

  • If you are having difficulty obtaining documents from your school, please reach out to our transfer counselors, Brenda Doran or Tabitha Marsden. Their contact information is listed on this page.
  • If you are having difficulty obtaining official high school transcripts, college transcripts or test scores, take a screen shot and forward to us via email.  We are here to answer any specific questions you have. 

Common Application

Application deadlines

  • For spring semester admission, apply by Dec. 17. (UPDATE: Due to a later start of spring semester 2021, the application deadline for spring 2021 is Jan. 8.)
  • For fall semester admission, apply by May 1.