Test Requirements + Test-Optional Policy

We know every applicant has a unique combination of skills. That's why at Bryant, you can decide whether you'd like to submit your SAT or ACT scores with your application or apply under our test-optional policy.


With our comprehensive and holistic application process, the submission of SAT or ACT scores is optional. If you feel your SAT or ACT scores are an accurate representation of your academic potential, then submit them with your application. Or, you may choose instead to apply as test-optional and answer one short essay question. (See below for more information about our test-optional policy.)

There are no cutoffs or minimum scores for your SAT or ACT scores or with any part of your Bryant application. To view the average SAT score and other facts about current Bryant students, see our Admitted Class Profile. To submit your scores for the SAT, use CEEB code 3095. To submit your scores for ACT, use code 3802. For more information about the SAT or ACT, visit the College Board web site.


At Bryant, we believe your academic abilities and talents can be shown in a number of ways. That's why we adopted our test-optional policy: if you feel your SAT or ACT scores aren't an accurate reflection of your abilities, or you have been impacted by the disruption of test administrations for the SAT and the ACT, you can choose not to submit them. Instead, you'll answer a short essay question. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have placed the essay prompt below. It will also appear on the Bryant University Member Page of the Common Application.

Bryant University’s Test Optional Essay Question:

How will you take advantage of the opportunities and resources offered at Bryant University to achieve your academic potential and become an engaged member of our community?

How do we evaluate your answer? The committee seeks clear, concise, and focused writing that demonstrates thoughtful reflection. The question provides the opportunity to tell the story you wish your test scores could tell. You'll be able to share your perspective on your academic strengths, personal and professional development, and the impact you believe you can make in the Bryant community as you grow into a successful leader.

Applying test-optional is a personal and individual decision—so consider it carefully. If your circumstances change after you’ve submitted your application, we ask that you notify The Office of Admission prior to the release of your decision. To view the average SAT score and other facts about current Bryant students, read our Admitted Class Profile, which may help you make your decision.

Here at Bryant, we offer an education—and an admission process—that's focused on the whole person. We know that sometimes test results may not be an accurate indicator of an applicant's overall ability to succeed in college. The test optional alternative allows us to consider your strengths that may be demonstrated in areas other than your ACT or SAT score.

Applicants must answer a short essay question in their application.

While we won't provide you with the questions until you decide to apply as a test optional applicant, we are happy to provide the following sample questions to give you an idea of the type of questions that we will be asking.

Sample Questions

  1. Bryant University inspires its students to excel. It is the year 2058 and you are receiving an award. What does the presenter say about you and your accomplishments?

  2. Bryant University's mission is to inspire students to become global citizens with character around the world. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

  3. If you could have dinner with anyone, real or fictional, living or dead, who would it be and why?

  4. If you had the opportunity to retake one of your academic courses that you completed thus far in high school, which course would it be and why?

  5. At Bryant University, we inspire our students to excel inside and outside of the classroom. What is one club or organization at Bryant that you would like to join and how do you envision yourself making an impact on our campus through that club or organization?

  6. Tell us about the most important piece of clothing in your closet and why.

The review process for students who submit ACT or SAT scores and for students who do not submit scores is similar, with a student's high school transcript being the most important part of any evaluation. Other factors that go into an admission decision at Bryant include recommendations, co-curricular activities, community involvement, writing ability, and other achievements.

Once you've submitted your application, you'll be unable to change your option. So please make sure to consider your decision carefully before submitting your application.

Yes. To view the average SAT score and other academic facts about current Bryant students, read our Admitted Class Profile. It's an academic profile that may help you make your decision on whether to apply as test optional.

When you submit your application to Bryant (using either the Common Application or the Universal College Application and supplements), please indicate on the supplemental section if you would like to be considered test optional.

If you've indicated that you’d like to apply test optional, your scores will not be considered as part of the application review.

All applicants to Bryant are considered for merit scholarships at the time of the review of their application. This is true for all students regardless of submitting standardized test. Evaluation for merit is based on all elements of a student's application, as well as the competitive nature of the applicant pool.

Student-athletes can apply to the University under the test optional policy, but they'll additionally need to submit scores to the NCAA and to Bryant's Compliance Office to ensure athletic eligibility.

Yes, but you are required to submit the TOEFL/IELTS.