The Power of Business + Liberal Arts

We’ve been integrating the liberal arts and business since 1867, cultivating agile, globally-minded students who are as practical as they are imaginative.

Bryant has a rich history of daring, groundbreaking moves. 

In the mid-1860s, we admitted women when it was not yet popular to do so. Soon after, we expanded our business curriculum to include humanities and liberal arts courses, to ensure well-rounded students.

Fast forward to the 21st century, when our fully established College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business build on each other’s strengths—and those of our students.

By having students pursue both a major and a minor, with one in business and one in the liberal arts, we are grooming future leaders who are ready to adapt to a changing world. This interdisciplinary foundation primes minds to arrive at creative solutions to pressing challenges. And our entrepreneurial framework encourages all Bryant students to “fail fast,” teaching resilience and flexibility no matter what their area of study.

The payoff is real. In the year after graduation, 99 percent of our graduates are employed or headed for advanced degrees—and their median income was $64,000. The word is out: A Bryant education gives a unique edge in a modern marketplace that requires adaptability and creativity as much as it does knowledge.

First-Year Gateway

New students immerse themselves in the rigorous Gateway program, upending their traditional ways of thinking while learning the advantage of collaborative learning.

Research & Engagement Day

We’re excited to cancel classes once a year for Research & Engagement Day (RED), where students and faculty across Bryant’s schools and majors present their independent research to their peers.

There are as many paths as there are Bryant students. Meet some of them and learn how they’ve combined and contrasted majors and minors to rise to the top.