This program gives you both a theoretical background and applied experience in the field. Offered as a minor.

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Program Overview

The Sales minor is designed to give you both a theoretical background and applied experience in the field of sales.

A well-educated and trained professional sales force is critical to businesses’ ability to provide value to their customers and effectively satisfy needs. Many students, regardless of their major or chosen profession, will be involved in selling products, services, or ideas and will have more successful careers if they understand the concepts of the selling process and can effectively apply those skills.

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College of Business


Department of Marketing

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  • Our nationally acclaimed business foundation cultivates innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities through real-world projects that develop leadership skills.
  • Your liberal arts minor will be a competitive advantage, enriching an immersive education that integrates analytical and critical thinking.
  • Whether you begin your career or pursue grad school after graduation, the credentials of your major and minor distinguish you.
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