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Pre-Medical and Health Professions

Our knowledgeable professors have the experience and networks to guide you through the application process for medical, professional, and/or graduate school medical school.

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Program Overview

Pre-Medical and Health Professions at Bryant

With continuous advances and innovations in medical science and technology, the health fields offer exciting career opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects significant growth in certain segments of health professions including scientific research, management, technical consulting, and mental health practitioners.

If you're interested in becoming a doctor, dentist, researcher, diagnostician, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or health consultant, or if you want to pursue a career in dentistry or veterinary medicine, Bryant can prepare you for post-graduate education, including medical school.

Bryant offers courses in many areas of health, medicine, and science. Classes such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, histology, immunology, pharmaceutical science, and global health challenges cover topics of concern to health professionals. With an emphasis on laboratory research and a flexible curriculum, Bryant's Pre-Medical and Health Professions Advisory Program is a strong choice for those who wish to embark on a career in a medical field. A new program to train physician assistants adds an opportunity for post-graduate study.

Bryant's high-quality facilities and instrumentation will enhance your awareness of workplace settings and prepare you for advanced research studies.

With more than 500 hospitals and medical, dental, mental health, and veterinary centers and clinics within a 50-mile radius of Bryant’s campus, students in the Pre-Medical and Health Professions Advisory Program are well positioned to take advantage of internship and career opportunities. Whether you volunteer in a nearby hospital or shadow a doctor on rounds in the emergency room, you will gain real-world experience that will impress medical school admission counselors.

If you choose to pursue a career in the administrative side of medicine, you will have the background to confidently make decisions that affect all facets of a medical center.

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Lauren Rochefort '19

  • Biology
  • Pre-Medical and Health Professions
Complementary Minor:
  • Business Administration

Top-level research is helping a skilled biologist earn her place in the scientific community.

Hometown: Woonsocket, RI

More Than a Major

  • Research
  • Leadership
  • Honor Societies

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