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Political Science

Prepare for a world shaped by political questions and decisions. Offered as a minor.

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Program Overview

Political Science at Bryant

The minor in Political Science prepares you for a world shaped by political questions and decisions. You will learn key facts, terms, and background information on critical political issues, so that you can understand primary documents, academic literature, and coverage of these issues in the popular press.

You will examine the theories and conceptual models used to describe, explain, and predict events, so that you move beyond seeing political events as simply a series of distinct cases.

You also will learn the research methods of the field, so that you can produce your own analysis of public policy issues and independent research. 

Bryant’s curriculum includes American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political philosophy.

Cross-Disciplinary Advantage

  • A strong liberal arts foundation develops critical thinking and communication skills essential for success and continuous growth in every field.
  • Your business minor will be a competitive advantage that highlights the acumen and problem-solving abilities cultivated through real-world projects
  • Whether you pursue grad school or begin a career after graduation, the credentials of your major and minor distinguish you.  
A Bryant Education
Nick Anketell

Nick Anketell '19

  • Financial Services
  • Applied Analytics
  • Political Science

A young entrepreneur who is "always looking for that next big thing" succeeds in both business and mentoring.

Hometown: Osterville, MA

More Than a Major

  • Internships
  • Leadership