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Discover how to become a leader in today's complex, global environment. Offered as a minor.

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Program Overview

Management at Bryant

Do you enjoy the challenge of solving problems? Are you interested in planning, organizing, and leading – not simply "doing"? Do you enjoy making things happen and interacting with people?

Being a leader in today's complex, global environment is challenging. The business environment is characterized by constant changes in technology, as well as increased globalization and diversity.

The Management concentration at Bryant prepares you to meet these challenges. In our program, students gain skills to:

  • solve complex problems
  • think outside the box
  • plan, organize, motivate, and lead
  • innovate
  • communicate
  • bring a project from inception to completion
  • develop ethical practices to ensure accountability
  • mobilize and coordinate resources to achieve goals
  • strategize in a global and complex business environment

You will be tested in the classroom with hands-on, practical projects focused on strategic human resource management, design thinking, service learning, and customer service. You will have unparalleled opportunities to interact with alumni, executive mentors, successful entrepreneurs, and CEOs. You will be challenged to demonstrate your abilities to innovatively manage complex situations through competitions that require you to solve real-world problems.

The Management minor was developed to meet an increasing demand for management skills at all organizational levels. Whether you are a business or liberal arts student, you will gain an understanding of complex managerial issues that corporations face today through this minor.

You will have the advantage of networking in the business and professional world at Bryant. Through a variety of programs, including those offered by the Amica Center for Career Education and alumni mentoring programs, you will have unparalleled opportunities to interact with CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, and executives. Management graduates are prepared for professional success in a variety of fields.

You will also be prepared for graduate or law school.

Cross-Disciplinary Advantage

  • Our nationally acclaimed business foundation cultivates innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities through real-world projects that develop leadership skills.
  • Your liberal arts minor will be a competitive advantage, enriching an immersive education that integrates analytical and critical thinking.
  • Whether you begin your career or pursue grad school after graduation, the credentials of your major and minor distinguish you.


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