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Latin America Studies

Develop a greater understanding of Latin America and Latina/Latino culture in the greater context of business and the U.S. government. Offered as a minor.

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Program Overview

Latin America Studies at Bryant

Hablamos español. Falamos português. So many places of business have these signs posted, but what do they represent – besides noting that Spanish and/or Portuguese are spoken? What does that really mean for the way businesses are run today?

In the Latin American and Latina/Latino Studies minor at Bryant, you will gain greater understanding of the people and societies of the Western Hemisphere. Such understanding is crucial to participation in ongoing intra-hemispheric debates about issues such as immigration from Latin America to the United States, trade policy, and the nature of democracy.

You will learn to consider Latin American and Latina/Latino culture in the greater context of business and the U.S. government. You'll engage in an interdisciplinary study of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations in the Americas and the Latina/Latino presence in the United States. You will develop an individualized minor within parameters established under the program's general requirements by drawing from a set of approved courses in literary and cultural studies, history, and languages.

The study of different cultures can expand perspectives and improve communication and innovative problem solving. The critical thinking and thoughtful analysis skills you will gain from the Latin American and Latina/Latino Studies minor is beneficial to a number of professional fields, including research, teaching, human services, law, business, community development, and journalism, among others. You will also be well prepared for graduate study.

Cross-Disciplinary Advantage

  • A strong liberal arts foundation develops critical thinking and communication skills essential for success and continuous growth in every field.
  • Your business minor will be a competitive advantage that highlights the acumen and problem-solving abilities cultivated through real-world projects
  • Whether you pursue grad school or begin a career after graduation, the credentials of your major and minor distinguish you.  
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