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Film Studies

Does a good film transport you to a different world, provoke laughter, sadness, or fear, and deepen your insight? Do you revel in deconstructing the elements of a good film to examine the subtle nuances? Offered as a minor.

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Program Overview

Film Studies at Bryant

In the Film Studies minor at Bryant, you'll delve beyond entertainment to reflect critically upon the historical, aesthetic, cultural, and social significance of movies. The discipline focuses on visual literacy as it applies to moving images. Coursework also explores the production, development, and distribution of movies within the film industry.

The small classes and close faculty interaction allow you to investigate all aspects of film and film analysis in depth. Classes focus on film theory and analysis, as well as film production and the film industry. You will develop a wide range of skills including the ability to analyze individual films and present their ideas in written and oral form, and understand the forces at work behind the production, distribution, and viewing of films. You'll also develop an understanding of the historical, cultural, and theoretical background of film.

Studying film opens up a wide range of careers, including film critic, writer, film festival administrator, film producer, director, or visual designer. You will also be well prepared for graduate studies.

Cross-Disciplinary Advantage

  • A strong liberal arts foundation develops critical thinking and communication skills essential for success and continuous growth in every field.
  • Your business minor will be a competitive advantage that highlights the acumen and problem-solving abilities cultivated through real-world projects
  • Whether you pursue grad school or begin a career after graduation, the credentials of your major and minor distinguish you.  
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