American Studies

American Studies encourages a deeper understanding of the peoples and cultures of the United States and an appreciation of their place in the changing world.

Professor Cabusao with students

Program Overview

The American Studies concentration is an interdisciplinary course of study that encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of the United States' place in the changing world. In the American Studies program, you'll use a range of materials, methodologies, and disciplinary perspectives to explore topics ranging from politics to popular culture.

You will analyze a wide variety of American cultural and social artifacts in order to contribute to a richer understanding of the country and synthesize diverse scholarly approaches and theories in the study of the United States and its place in the world. You'll demonstrate understanding of the significance of United States culture and politics in other parts of the globe, and communicate research findings and interpretations clearly and effectively.

A concentration in American Studies enables you to develop the competence to reason logically and analytically about a wide range of problems that apply to the American culture – and cultures interacting with America – in business, government, and global markets. You will find that complementing your major course of study with this concentration adds to your value as a prospective employee or service provider in a wide variety of fields.